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I am trying to setup an SMS external account.  The SMS provider requires the public IP address to be whitelisted on their side in order to connect to the SMPP server.
I have tried a couple IP addresses given to me by the Adobe Support team, but neither have worked.  I can see in the logs on the MTA the connector attempting the connection with no success.

Has anyone else had this same challenge getting the correct public IP for connecting to an SMS vendor?  If so what are the steps you had to take to get connected?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)





Create a workflow with a js activity, in it paste logInfo(execCommand('curl')[1])

Run the workflow, then audit log will have your correct egress ip.

NB Adobe's AWS/Azure instance may have a range of IP's assigned, but this should suffice for immediate testing.



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Answers (3)



Thank you Venu for your reply.  I have read the documentation at the link you provided, however it does not speak to the issue I am having.  I have the application external account configured with all the vendor given parameters.  The issue I am having is at a network layer.  The application is not able to make a network connection with the vendor server.  I can see in the logs that the initial BIND PDU is failing to connect to the vendor SMPP server.

Have you successfully setup an SMPP connection where the SMS provider requires whitelisting the incoming IP address?