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I would like to :

1. click on a button in an input form (operation)

2. have the button action start a job (workflow)

3. wait for the job (workflow) to reach the end activity

4. prompt a modal dialog to the operator who clicked on the button

The notification I want to have is not at a workflow level (logs), but a dialog window prompting wherever the operator might be. When we click on a button we have to wait for all the code behind to be executed, before being able to take other actions in the client console. The operator shouldn't but stuck waiting for the workflow to be be finished since it might take a while.

it's currently possible right after an operator's action (by clicking on a button) :

* in JS method linked to the SOAP call containing alert(...)

* in an input form with the onsuccess="..." attribute of the <enter></enter> element

* in a navtree form with the promptLabel="..." attribute of the <command></command> element

I would like to be able to programatically prompt a modal dialog, so that the operator is free to execute some other tasks in the client console.

Is there any way to do so ?

Thank you for you help,


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Accepted Solutions (1)





There's no way to show any form of notification to the user inside the app.

You can send a push/sms/email/etc message though, or create an app that polls Campaign for workflow statuses and pops up notifications.



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