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I'm having an issue whereby the data flowing out of a Union is acting strangely. I'm querying recipient delivery logs table (one the out of the box one, the other being a custom one) and bringing in the delivery code on both before going into a Union. The number that comes out of it is correct, combines both of the queries totals, but when you interrogate the data using 'Display The Target' it is only displaying the primary set data. Then I put it through a deduplication to get unique delivery codes but it is only giving me the number of the primary data.




I've only come back to work recently after a few months off but I'm certain this was working previously. To note, I've seen this problem in a couple of other workflows where the number comes out of the Union says one thing but when you interrogate the data it is not all there.


Any help would be much appreciated.




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Accepted Solutions (1)






The data's there, it's just not visible in the default 'Display the target' UI, which adds the target node of the primary set to the field list.

Remove the target field from the list (Configure list) and you'll see all the rows.

Not sure what's going on with the deduplication activity, were the rows duplicated on its condition?





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