Previewing data in an Email that comes from an Enrichment step



I'm hoping this is the right place to ask this question. We have adobe campaign version 6.1.1

I've built a workflow that creates a segment for an email. The segment uses an enrichment step to get join some data from another step.

This all works fine and when I "Display the target" coming out of the enrichment step I can see the data that I am expecting.

When I add this data to an email template and try to preview it, I get the following error:

PGS-220000 PostgreSQL error: ERROR: relation "wkf321272887_enrich" does not exist LINE 1: ...

The html syntax I have tried is

<%= recipient.targetData.field1 %>


<%= targetData.field1 %>

I added them using this selector:


So this understands that these fields exist upstream, its just when I go to preview that it can't seem to pull them through. Is there another way I should be previewing emails when enriching data?


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Accepted Solutions (1)





You can preview by using a seed address with custom xml set, under 'Additional data'.

An easy way to get the xml is by capturing the 'Display the target' request using a mitm proxy such as fiddler, then copying a row out of the response. The alternative is to write it by hand, per the instructions at the top of the form.



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