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I am looking for best way to handle the duplicates in nms.recipient. The scenario is like we have few duplicate profiles in data source (i.e. 2 recipient IDs for same profile) and would like to know can I create a typology rule or user filter where in I restrict the users by checking the delivery log if the recipient has already received the same delivery then do not send he delivery again.

Tried doing the dedupe by picking up the recent recipient ID but in that case a duplicate entry comes in the latest ID will receive the delivery and then the marketing history will be with with two different recipient IDs.

Is there a way in typology rule or user filter to select any other dimension from different table than recipient? Need to avoid the delivery if sent to same recipient.

Really appreciate if someone can guide.


Duplicate Predefined filter Typology

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi @mohiniu12161390 ,


The delivery details stored in RecipientDeliveryLog table. When you are creating your query, you can select RecipientDeliveryLog as filtering dimension with Recipient and targeting dimension, as shown below




Add below criteria to select targeting recipients who had already received a particular delivery


Now you can exclude above population from your eligible targeting population.


Also inside delivery you have a option to exclude duplicate recipients.

Open delivery > Click on To > Exclusions tab > Edit > tick check box

see below screen print  (marked in yellow)




Hope it helps




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