Populate an email with data outside of the database



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Query here for Adobe Campaign Classic:

Here's a scenario i'm trying to find a workaround for.

We have a marketing email that we want to send and we need to populate with a unique discount code for each recipient.

We have the codes in a .csv file and the email addresses to target, but how do i populate the creative with data field outside of the database?

We could upload and target a list of email addresses and codes and populate this way, however, the send needs to be linked to the recipient database, to capture potential unsubscriptions and engagement etc.

Ideal scenario would be to match the emails on the .csv file Vs the recipient database and then enrich the discount code from the .csv file.

Is this possible? (tried and failed using the edit schema tool)

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)





Use Data loading (file) activity, then join to your query using an enrichment.

From there it'll be available in the rest of the workflow until the delivery.

You can also optionally capture the codes sent in broadLog by altering the delivery mapping's storage.