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Hi there,

I have a marketing use case where I need to personalise emails for every recipient with a custom text field in the email. It is not a campaign we will run regularly and I don't want to create a field in the schema for this.

Is there any functionality in Campaign to store a generic text field for a recipient and query this field in workflows, without updating the schema?

EG: Would it work to do a list update where you create a list with its own table where the columns are all the fields in the schema + the new text field.
Then when I run the workflow I would run it as usual and just personalise based on that text field in the email?

Now that I type it I realise this wouldn't work as I dont think you can personalise EDM's based on list fields stored in their own table.

Please let me know how to approach my use case.

Many thanks,


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Alex,

If the custom text field you are trying to use in personalization is generic or even a calculated field based on other existing fields, you can use an enrichment activity to get the custom filed and use it in your email.

If it is neither generic nor derived, you need to extend the nms:recipient schema and create a new field.



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