Password Protected Personalized PDF in Email Attachments



Hi guys,


I want to send the Password Protected Personalized PDF as an Email Attachments. 

I know how to make these pdf personalized for email attachments, but is there a way to make these pdf password protected?




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Accepted Solutions (1)




Acrobat Pro does allow you to password protect PDFs and also has a command-line interface (CLI). From memory, you should be able use either the command-line for Acrobat to password protect a document on a server (windows server only).

There are also tools like AEM Forms / Livecycle that can create workflows / watched folders to do this, but its very expensive option just to password protect PDFs. I would look into the free/cheap PDF API tools out there (CutePDF / pdfgeneratorapi) which should also be able to add a password into a PDF as its part of the standard.

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