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I have been seeing unspecified value in Adobe analytics for operation nature. And realized that the nature drop down in campaign is not properly utilized and hence there is no data passed in Adobe analytics. I am trying to understand the actual meaning of Nature in Adobe campaign classic and also can it be used to pass some other attributes such as region /country/campaign name etc.







Adobe analytics-Campaign classic integration

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello @pradeep_07 ,


Nature drop down campaign is used to identify the type of campaigns you are deploying, Whether is is a recurring campaigns, periodic campaign or a one time campaigns. Its upto you what type of values you want in that dropdown.

With this value you can identify the campaign in Analytics.


To add more values to this drop down. Navigate to: Administration >  Platform > Enumerations 

Then search for operationNature and there you can add mode values by clicking on the Add button (highlighted below)





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