Opens / Clicks using RowID (or something similar) of BroadLog



Trying to build a report table show Opens / Clicks using something similar to the recipient delivery log 'RowId' 


Have built workflow using BroadLog, TrackingLog & Recipient tables, and complimentary data: RowId(GetDate([delivery/broadLogRcp/eventDate])).... but this generates the RowId of the BroadLog, not the Recipient Broad Log.


I'm just trying to build a table something like the following: 


1st email recipients receivedopensclicks
2nd email recipients receivedopensclicks
3rd email recipients receivedopensclicks


All recipients have received different emails 1st, 2nd and 3rd depending on when they subscribed. 

Adobe Campaign

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Accepted Solutions (1)






RowId() returns the line number of the row in the result set, and so would ignore any args passed to it.

You can get the 1st delivery, 2nd delivery.. with rownum(partitionby([@recipient-id]), orderby(min(@eventdate)) = 1, 2.. on broadlogrcp. From there it's a join to trackinglogrcp for the counts.




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