onBeforeCall and onAfterCall



I see these two functions used in javascript node and written some code under these functions ( they defined the function ) 

like for example: 


in the javascript node of a workflow they added : 

function onBeforeCall() {
logInfo("task.activity:" + task.activity);

if ((activity.img.indexOf("nms:activities/delivery.png") != -1) || (activity.img.indexOf("nms:activities/email.png") != -1) || ((activity.img.indexOf("nms:activities/notification.png") != -1) && (task.activity == 'notification'))) {


// some code 



but i can't see where they called this function. Are these two functions called automatically OR these two functions are inbuilt functions. Where can i see them called but the code which is under this function gets executed when the workflow runs. 


i can see in some places in logs onAfterCall : 




Is there any documentation available on these functions. 


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