Offer Presentation in non-email deliveries (direct mail, phone, etc) with personalization



We have been using offers in our email deliveries that contain personalization just fine.

For deliveries that have a file extraction, reference to [proposition/offer/view/textSource] is empty.  The text content in the offer contains something like  "Hi <%= recipient.firstName %>"


In the file extraction expression where do I get the text field that has been processed for personalization?   Do I have to configure something in the offer space to make this work for non-email channels?


Has anyone have an example using an offer with personalization in a delivery with a file extraction, e.g. direct mail?

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Offers work the same in direct mail as any other channel.


Follow these steps:

  1. Create direct mail offer space, using direct mail channel. Specify desired fields for direct mail content, etc. Publish to live env.
  2. In campaign workflow:
    1. Have query select offers in Additional data section. Add desired content fields to output, here I use @Code since it's a db field- xml fields like @Title won't work here.
    2. Have extraction format use the @Code field from Additional data created in step 1


You can also specify the offers in the delivery itself, easier to manage when they're in the workflow though.