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I've read up on "Service and Subscriptions" in the Campaign Classic documentation. I think that the documentation dives into the technicalities, and I would like to get an overview to the solution. How is the module supposed to be used, what are the possibilities and what are the limitiations? I am currently on an installation that doesn't allow experimentation with functionality for newsletters and user subscription handling, so I thought I'd ask some questions here:

What we want to achieve: Set up themed marketing newsletters as a way to communicate with potential customers. We want subscriptions (registration, opt-in, opt-out) to be automated/self service via a web page/form. Having this available on a mobile platform for this is of importance, of course.

We already have two newsletter categories set up in our installation. The subscribers in these two are existing customers (members of the Recipients dimension). We assume that these customer newsletters can live happily alongside the themed newsletters for potential customers. Is there such a thing as a Subscriber dimension? 

Some questions and assumptions:

1. We assume that subscribers of newsletters do not need to be customers (members of the 'Recipients' dimension). We want to use themed newsletters to attract new customers to the business, so having subscribers opt-in with basic contact information goes a long way to start with.

2. If a subscriber to a themed newsletter becomes a customer (buys a product), is there a way to tell that the customer (in the Recipient dimension), and the subscriber is actually the same target? Maybe we don't need to consolidate the two... A subscriber might already be an existing customer too.

3. Apart from the documentation mentioned above, is there other online resources that demonstrates this functionality (tutorial / step-by-step).

I'd be happy to get any input on this! Thanks in advance.

Svein Ivar

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Dear Svein,

this tutorial helped me understand the mechanics and helped to plan a subscription logic for a customer with 4+ mailing services: Managing subscriptions

Honestly we haven't implemented it yet, because our customer needs time to decide, so I will see if our model will work as soon as they give us a go.

Best regards


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