Need to understand use of Refresh of Deliverability in ACC



One of the Out of box workflow provided is Refresh for Deliverability.

Need to understand its significance in adobe campaign and also is it really necessary to have it in project?

Pros and Cons for it.


Thanks in advance.



Sonika dutta

Adobe Campaign Classic

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi @SonikaDutta ,

This workflow is installed by default on all instances. There are a number of Delivery monitoring reports based on this workflow, which requires Deliverability monitoring (Email Deliverability) package installation.

Once this package is installed, this workflow(Refresh for Deliverability) runs nightly to regularly update the list of rules and enables you to actively manage platform deliverability.


Please refer below page for details



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Answers (1)




Hello @SonikaDutta ,


Whenever you are sending the deliveries out of Adobe campaign only then this workflow is required.

This workflow is used to keep a track of updated bounces, MX entries, and other deliverability related things.


You can get more information about this here: