Need help using WSDL/proxy classes to transaction with Adobe Campign



I do not have an issue calling and logging in if I make the call via HttpWebRequest, but have an issue trying to understand how the proxy classes generated are to be


I have generated the WSDL classes for  queryDef, XtSession, and rtEvent and are trying to use those classes to make the calls

When I do below I get the foillowing error

SOP-330011 Error while executing the method 'Logon' of service 'xtk:session'.

Any help will be appreciated ...e.g do I need to make additional modification to the generated WSDL file etc...


            using (XtkSession proxySession = new ConsoleApplication1.session.XtkSession())


                string userName = "userName";

                string pass = "Pass";

                string sessionToken = string.Empty;



                XmlElement sessionInfo;

                proxySession.Url = "https://server/nl/jsp/soaprouter.jsp";

                string rslt = proxySession.Logon("", userName, pass, null, out sessionInfo, out sessionToken);


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Accepted Solutions (1)




I'm not sure of the exact cause but have you checked some of the threads we have here related to the logon method?

Re: Username/Password for Webservice LOGON in Adobe Campaign Classic

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There might be others so don't hesitate to search in the existing threads.

Usually problems come from the session token.


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