Need campaign id based reports from Adobe Analytics



Hi All,

We have passed the campaign id in the URL which we are sending in the email communication, so that we can capture  reports from Adobe analytics based on the campaign id. We are looking for OOTB metrics like Open,sent,processed,unique open, unique click, total bounce,unsubscribed based on specific campaign ID

is it possible to get those reports in Adobe Analytics?

When we tried we are able to get these metrics for delivery level and not campaign level.


Can any one provide inputs on this?






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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hello @maheswarik23685 ,

I believe it not possible to get the sent, processed, bounce data from Adobe Analytics unless you are manually 

Sent, processed and bounce rate all this information resides in Adobe Campaign. Analytics can track only unique visits, bounce rate on website/landing page, aggregate visits. From Adobe Analytics it is a visit not a click.




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