Neatest way to ensure a Recipient isn't in more than one Campaign Workflow at the same time



We're setting up multiple Campaign Workflows currently.

Some target Recipients following interaction with our website, some target Recipients who were on our website 6 or 12 months ago.

What is the neatest way of ensuring that a Recipient isn't in more than Workflow at any one time?

The solution I have in mind is to run the Workflows at different times based on an assigned hierarchy, then exclude anyone who received a previous Workflow Delivery from any subsequent Campaign Workflow that runs.

Or is there a neater way to do it?  With Typology rules say?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi thomash82948276​,

You can refer to broad log for previous  communication history and exclude recipients based on that.

Assuming that you have multiple workflows inside a single campaign and you don't want to target those recipients already communicated by any workflow belonging to the campaign you can do something like following.

1. You have to run the workflows sequentially. 

2. Fetch workflows belonging to same campaign, which are in finished state(using javascript would be an easy option).

3. Keeping recipient as filtering dimension use the following relationship to filter out recipients.

Recipients-> Broad log->Delivery->Workflow



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