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We're trying to limit the number of operators with administrator clearance. However, it seems like lot's of functionalities actually require administrator rights, which isn't okay.


Therefore we are wondering if we can create a specific named rights for the following two actions so that we can assign those two rights to the operator groups needing them, and thus preventing those operators from having access to everything:

  • Offer validation
  • Package management
    We are aware package management is usually done by admins, but in our case it's not feasible.

Is there anyone knowing if this is possible and if so, how this can be achieved?







Adobe Campaign Classic Named rights

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Accepted Solutions (1)






A package management right would effectively grant root access, e.g. a user could make a package:

<package author="Z3r0 c00l" buildNumber="1" buildVersion="6.7">
  <entities schema="xtk:operatorGroup">
      <group name="admin"/>
      <operator name="myselfThanks"/>

And upgrade their account without any real effort.


So with security removed as a requirement, it's a matter altering the UI to check for the new rights:

  • Navigation hierarchy for package import menu item, HasNamedRight('PACKAGE_IMPORT')
  • JSSP/js lib for offer validation





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