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I'm hoping to find another customer who is integrating with Sinch for mobile marketing, connected through Campaign Classic.

I've established an Extended SMPP connector and can successfully send outbound mobile messages through the platform, however any Mobile Originated responses do not generate the required response (responding STOP does not generate the response message).

They've suggested that the bind is no longer sufficient, and Adobe told me that the bind is established just through the username and password so this should not be an issue.

General advice is appreciated, but if anyone has direct experience integrating with SInch i would like to discuss the integration set-up and process with them as a third party vendor.

THank you

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Thank you, yeah i initially used that to set it up, but it wasn't entirely accurate. Maybe a regional thing, but we are up and running now. Happy to share my integration set-up if anyone needs it.

For reference, these were the updates we made:

1. Removed the check mark for Authorize character transliteration

2. Changed the value for Sending window, Time before reconnection, Bind timeout, Max MT throughput

3. Removed mapping of encodings

4. Changed Extraction regex of the status in the SR value, ID format in MT ack, ID format in the SR

5. Automatic reply with no spaces