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In Adobe campaign classic > import standard package, there is an package called 'marketing Analytics'.

Now where can I get the documents to learn about this.

Like what is marketing analytics? what is its purpose? How can I use it with Adobe campaign classic?

Please guide me the path where i can learn this in deeper.

Thanks in Advance!

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Hi Partha,

You can start learning from the below path

About Adobe Campaign Classic

Marketing Analytics is an Adobe Campaign module. It enables you to analyze and measure data, calculate statistics, simplify and optimize report creation and calculation. In addition to this, Marketing Analytics enables you to create reports and build target populations. Once these are identified, they are stored in lists that can be used in Adobe Campaign (targeting, segmentation, etc.).

With Marketing Analytics module, Campaign enables you to:
  1. Create cubes in view of:
    For more on this, refer to Creating indicators .
    • aggregating data and storing it in a work table to pre-calculate indicators based on user needs,
    • reducing the volume of data involved in the various calculations used for reports and queries, thus significantly optimizing indicator calculation times,
    • simplifying access to data, enabling users to manipulate data (whether it is pre-aggregated or not) depending on various dimensions.
  2. Create pivot tables in view of:
    For more on this, refer to Using cubes to explore data .
    • exploring calculated data, configured measures,
    • selecting the data to display as well as its display mode,
    • personalizing the measures and indicators used,
    • offering interactive analysis tools to users with a non-technical background.
  3. Build a query using data calculated and aggregated in a Cube.
  4. Identify populations and reference them in lists.

Refer below path to know more about it


Prem Kumar Ganesan

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