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Accepted Solutions (1)



When you create any campaign, first thing to consider is it should be hosted under Program Folder.

Then type of template selection, followed by Nature and Program path it is associated with need to be defined.


Label,Name, Start date, End Date, Plan, Channels comes in play at last and are not so trivial item.

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Answers (2)



Hi @abhisheks693158 ,

When you create  a new campaign, then it is must to select 'Campaign template' in initial window.

Label, Start/End Date is not mandatory. Content is something you add in delivery activity inside workflow.

You can create campaign from Program type folder. It is not mandatory to create plan folder.

Once campaign is create then you can add workflow and further activities as per requirement.








The question you asked is a tricky question on how you see it.


The correct answer to the question is the Label.


Explanation: The question specifically asks about the Fields. You will get an option to create a Campaign once you are already in the Program folder and there the only Label field is mandatory.