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I am trying to use WSDL using Loading (SOAP) activity. But after entering Access URL and clicking on Generate Skeletal Code, I don't see any functions in function list popup from WSDL

If I use same WSDL URL in SOAP UI just to validate the WSDL and its functions, I can see all.

Do I need to perform any additional configuration to use this activity or WSDL option?

What could be the alternate option to make API call here?

I already tried Javascript using following code,

  • var http = new HttpClientRequest("https://...");
  •   http.header["UserName"] = strLogin;
  •   http.header["Password"] = strPwd;
  •   http.method = "GET"
  •   http.execute();
  •   var resp = http.response;

This gives me following error,

INT-150012 The HTTP query returned a 'Method Not Allowed' type error (405)

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Ametha,

Try below code and change and add schema based on your requirement.

var cnx = new HttpSoapConnection(serverName, "UTF-8",0)

var session = new SoapService(cnx, "namespace:schemaName")

  session.addMethod("MethodName", "namespace:schemaName#MethodName",

                                   <parameters List>


  var result  = session.MethodName(ParamListInput);

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Answers (1)




Thanks for your response.

Here I am trying to call external API where methods are already defined. I need to call them in adobe workflow.

Not sure if this code will help me to call external API.