Litmus inbox rendering error




I have deployed Litmus Inbox rendering package in Adobe Campaign classic tool.

When I click on the 'Analyze' button I am getting the following error.


Can you please let me know what is the root cause of this issue?

--- delivery analysis ---

Submitting job to the server

09:04:29 - HTTP response error code: 401.

09:04:29 - (1:1) : Invalid document structure

09:04:29 - XML-110018 Error while parsing XML string ''

09:04:29 - SOP-330011 Error while executing the method 'PrepareProof' of service 'nms:delivery'.

09:04:29 - XSV-350122 An error occurred and the process has been stopped.

Thanks a lot


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Naveen,

Typically when we have seen this issue in the past it's because the credentials for litmus are either incorrect or need to be reset.  I'd recommend reaching out to Adobe Campaign Support and having a ticket opened directly as we'll need to work to ensure that the litmus account is active and credentials are accurate.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)



Assuming you have a hybrid architecture. In general to activate Litmus with Marketing instance following steps are required 

1 - Install the Inbox rendering package/deiiverability via Tools>Advanced>Import a package

2 - Configure an external account (HTTP Type )
Label - Deliverability server info
Internal name - deliverabilityInstance
Server: Server name
Encryption - None
Enabled = Checked

3 - Edit serverConf.xml.

To edit serverConf.xml to allow a call to the Litmus Server under urlPermission. This is how it looks in serverConf.xml from a working environment

<url dnsSuffix="" urlRegEx="https://deliverability\.neolane\.net/jssp/dm/renderingSeed\.jssp"/>
<url dnsSuffix="" urlRegEx="https://deliverability\.neolane\.net/nl/jsp/soaprouter\.jsp"/>

<url dnsSuffix="" urlRegEx="https://.*"/>
<url dnsSuffix="" urlRegEx="https://.*"/>

4 - Restart the services or Reload the config file using nlserver config -reload

5 - Check network related settings -
whether any proxy servers have been configured or
Port 80/443 opened on the Firewall for the App servers