Links in Adobe Classic email templates are replaced after the email is send out





I am facing an issue in  Adobe Campaign Classic,


We  are pulling email template from AEM and we have personalised URLS 

eg :<%= targetData.mid %>&cmp=BRD1&mdm=<%= targetData.mdm %>&hcrdid=<%= targetData.hashed_crods_pg%>&hcuid=<%= targetData.hashed_customer_key%>&heml=<%= targetData.hashed_email_addr%>&hmbl=<%= targetData.hashed_mobile_phone_no%>


This gets replaced with all the parameters when the email goes out.


Now what we are seeing is that  when the emails are out the parameters are completely getting replaced with some encoded values . All the parameters are replaced with P1, P2 etc .  As this link is  not correct this is not getting redirected .,dc70b2e,dc70b33&p1=Campaign123&p2=54896569&p3=undefined&p4=un...


Is there any pointers to this behaviour. This is not happening for all.


Thanks and Regards,

Anumol Antony

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Anumol,


What you are observing here is, how Adobe campaign Tracking works.

Read this excerpts: 

Personalization and tracking process overview

For tracking detection, Adobe Campaign embeds Tidy to parse the HTML source and detect the pattern. It lists all the URLs of the content so that they can be tracked individually. Adobe Campaign uses Tidy again to replace the URL ( with a URL pointing to the Adobe Campaign redirection server.

For example, in the initial content:<%=escapeUrl(recipient.lastName)%> is replaced for one particular recipient with:,71ffa3,71ffa8&p1=Bare


  • "h" means HTML content (or "t" for text content).
  • 617791 is the message ID / broadLog ID (hexadecimal).
  • 71ffa3 is the NmsDelivery ID (hexadecimal).
  • 71ffa8 is the NmsTrackingUrl ID (hexadecimal).
  • p1, p2, and so on, are all the parameters to substitute in the URL.


I think in your case check if tracking server is working by using the following mechanism: 

1: check what's the output for

2. If this is okay, then check if your email is successfully available on Mid sourcing server if you are using one?

3. If all these are okay check with Adobe support why this link is not working, There should be some incorrect configurations with your platform.





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