Javascript error in a technical workflow for the Message Center



Hello everyone,

I encounter an issue in the technical workflows for the Message Center, workflows create by Adobe.

The error comes from the "init" Javascript after the scheduler.


We duplicate this workflow and try to see where the error is coming from.


It works without errors but a piece of the Javascript code is in a commentary.


lign 38 : xtk.workflow.PostEvent("eventSynch", "signal", "", <variables cellExtAccount="0" cellId={cellId} extAccountId="0" isFDA="1" isRt="1" mappingId={vars.mappingId} offset={vars.CELL_OFFSET} url="" login="" password="" synchCurrTime={synchCurrTime}/>, false);

I have no idea of what this part of the code makes (between 43 and 52) and how to resolve the issue. Any suggestions ?

I already ask to the Adobe support : to resolve the issue of the workflow but it seems that they can't resolve that.

I have few experience in Javascript and I'm using Adobe Campaign v7 with Windows10.

If you need more informations, feel free to ask.

Thanks for your help !


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