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Hi all,

I have a question related to an issue i'm having when creating a schema in ACC and I'm wondering if you have any clues.

Basically when i'm saving the schema, i 'm having and error message saying "Cannot preview and keep receiving the error message An error occurred during the SOAP call. You don't have the required rights to view the detail. ".


But when i  check in my schemas list, the schema appeared but i can not see it when i try to update the database structure.

I am also getting the following error while trying to view the structure of Schema: The graphical component 'schemaview5' has generated an error.

Here are the steps I followed which gives me this error.
1. Selecting Administration-->Configuration-->Data schemas

2. Click the NEW icon

3. Leave default selection of Create a new table in the data template and click next

4. For namespace, type rt (the namespace of the line of business - but the default namespace cus also gives the same error)

5. For name, type TEST

6. For label, type TEST

7. Click next

8. Click the Preview tab

I also have administration rights.

Could you please suggest any ideas?



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Accepted Solutions (1)





*All* the schemas have to be correct, all the time- all schemas are syntax and reference validated on save of any schema.

Since you have another environment that's functioning, the fix here is straightforward:

  1. Create a package def of all schemas with your namespace in prod env, sorted by name
  2. Export the package def, import the package def into functioning env
  3. Use the package def in both envs to export schema package
  4. Use winmerge or your favorite diff tool to compare the packages
  5. The errors will be highlighted, fix them in prod



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Answers (2)




Bonjour David,

I can't reproduce your issue, at least with Adobe Campaign Classic v7.0 build 8937 with an On premise hosting.

Not only not facing any errors, but the schema is reported to be synced by Advanced data structure update tool.

What I guess is that your new schema is not saved at all, you mention that you can see in the list but it is an usual bug/feature of ACC when errrors occur during creation.

But I don't figure out what happens exactly with the soap method called and apparently some right access missing, despite Admin privileges.

By checking the xtk:srcSchemaWizard form, it calls the GenerateSchema method in xtk:builder schema.

<soapCall name="GenerateSchema" service="xtk:builder">

But it doesn't help to understand the exact reason for your issue. Perhaps there is a more detailed log reported in log file? but I don't think so.
Perhaps usual workaround, clearing the cache, restarting instance, etc, would help, I don"t know.





Bonjour Jean Serge,

J'espere que tu vas bien depuis le temps.

Yes, it's a weird behavior as it's happening only on prod instance. i can't reproduce it either on stage and my personal VMs.

I'm  pretty sure that the way one of the dev created the schema (duplicated an existing schema) is causing the issue. But i deleted all the recent schema created and still have the issue.

For the workaround, yes I cleared the cache and even reconfigure the security zones to allow the web services calls but still have the same issue.

wodnicki any help?.