Issue in Reconciliation workflow of Triggers



Hi ,

we are working on marketing cloud triggers and campaign. We came across this article and following the guidelines and help of adobe support we have set up the Triggers configuration at the campaign side .

we are able to receive the Triggers data from analytics , it is visible in Pipeline events folder. However we are facing some issue in the reconciliation workflow.

PFA the details of the issue..

Any help is appreciated.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Senthil,

I agree with Adhiyan, the information you provided is not enough. Although a quick tip, it's seems your enrichment is not correctly configured; you should remove the identify the document as recipient and use the refine the data using the additional data i.e using link you can add a inner join which will give you desired results or use split or intersection activity first to test it.



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Answers (3)




Hi Senthil,

This will need a deeper look into the workflow design and schema details . The attribute username is not OOTB in nms:recipient so we need to check how the structure is updated and many other things.

It will be best if you can open a support ticket regarding this. Else , please share the workflow logs so that we can guide further.

HINT : You can enable SQL logging to see the exact query being fired on Database and we can have some idea about where the data is getting lost.