Is there a way to have waves prioritize certain recipients?




I have a campaign workflow that is scheduled to send a delivery every weekday. I am utilizing waves within the delivery to throttle the number of sends per hour. At the end of the validity period, any remaining deliveries need to be carried over to the next weekday.

Is there a way to prioritize these carry-over deliveries during the next cycle of the workflow? I am trying to create a FIFO solution for deliveries that have waves and do NOT throw away deliveries that exceed the wave/daily capacities.


Thanks in advance,

- Kevin

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Accepted Solutions (1)






Waves are intended for IP warming, which they're not great at either- personalization is done at analysis and can get stale.

What you're describing sounds like ordinary continuous deliveries paired with broadlog check in the query, i.e. send to these recipients who are not in the broadlog schema for this delivery code.




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