Is there a way to determine dependencies of a List?




I use a few lists in Campaign (Classic)

I am trying to tidy up a bit

I can find the workflow that a particular list is created by via a change dimension

But is there any way to see which workflows a list appears in in the form of the 'read list' object?

So that I can make sure I don't delete anything vital.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Stephen,

There is no easy way and I'm providing here a manual way to find answer to your query. You can be creative and convert that into a workflow that loops through all the lists, gets their ID value and then search for workflows where it is used.

  • Get the ID value of your list. In my case it is 89656 1401911_pastedImage_1.png
  • Create a workflows view folder
  • Add a filtering condition on this view folder as this 1401912_pastedImage_2.png
  • I got the result I was looking for 1401913_pastedImage_4.png

So in an ideal scenario you might be using the default sequence XtkNewId and hence possibility of another entity having id="89656" is not possible.

But if you are using custom sequences there can be another entity. Thats why I added additional condition of checking the XML for keyword "readGroup" but then also it is not a full proof solution.

Please do be careful.


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