Is it possible to programmatically export delivery logs?



I am trying to find some documentation/tutorials/examples on how to programmatically download Adobe Campaign Delivery Tracking Logs from any and all campaigns. Right now the only way I can obtain this data is by exporting Delivery Tracking logs data via Adobe Campaign Client Console. I need granularity at recipient level.

It is obviously too tedious to do this manually for all of our campaigns so I would like to write a script to do this programmatically. Is there a way to accomplish this via Adobe Campaign APIs? I haven't been able to find any examples in my searches so far.

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Option #1 is the recommended approach since it will include large data (promotion history/send history data). We have implemented a similar approach and it works well.

There is option #3, if you have a hybrid ACC implementation, the ACC system tables (mart) will reside in a relational DB on your side. your DBA and/or DB developer can create their own ETL to pull the data incremental from ACC mart to any destination (flat files, another DB, etc.).

Option #2 I don't recommend.