Is it possible to programmatically export delivery logs?



I am trying to find some documentation/tutorials/examples on how to programmatically download Adobe Campaign Delivery Tracking Logs from any and all campaigns. Right now the only way I can obtain this data is by exporting Delivery Tracking logs data via Adobe Campaign Client Console. I need granularity at recipient level.

It is obviously too tedious to do this manually for all of our campaigns so I would like to write a script to do this programmatically. Is there a way to accomplish this via Adobe Campaign APIs? I haven't been able to find any examples in my searches so far.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi ,

As mentioned above, the best solution will be to create a technical workflow with

[Option1] : Scheduler and logic to export data in file and then send the file over SFTP or ..location.

And Yes, you can design your logic in export workflow to include historical campaigns as well. It's all depends how you want to design your technical workflow.

[Option 2] : Also, alternate approach is (If you good with customized report) then you can create your customized report for this as well. For this only limitation is with large data. If data is too much then go for first option

Hope this helps!



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Answers (4)




Option #1 is the recommended approach since it will include large data (promotion history/send history data). We have implemented a similar approach and it works well.

There is option #3, if you have a hybrid ACC implementation, the ACC system tables (mart) will reside in a relational DB on your side. your DBA and/or DB developer can create their own ETL to pull the data incremental from ACC mart to any destination (flat files, another DB, etc.).

Option #2 I don't recommend.





I guess this is for ACC as you mention client console.

Though most common solution is same for ACC as well as ACS:

* Create an export workflow

* This runs with a scheduler and exports all changed tracking / broadlogs

* result is sent to SFTP, s3, ... Location