Is Adobe Cloud Messaging and Mid-Source Server same ?



Hi, Just getting my feet wet with Adobe Classic and am confused about how Classic installation works with Cloud Messenger and/or Mid-Source Server.

We are working on Hybrid type installation.

All the documentation talks about only mid-source server and portrays mid-source server infrastructure as being responsible for email deliver, hosting campaigns (mirrored pages), tracking, bounce mail etc.

Documentation has no reference to Adobe Cloud Messaging. So, is Cloud Messaging same as mid-source server infrastructure ? If so, in Hybrid approach, using Cloud Messaging, does the email recipient always goto Cloud Message server for campaign pages, opt-in/out etc ?  Will the email recipient ever have to get to the "client infrastructure" ?

Appreciate help.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Yes, for a hybrid installation the terms mid-source and cloud messaging are referring to the same thing, the infrastructure hosted within the Adobe cloud used to send the messages.

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