iOS Push - Error Generating Frame to Send



Hi all,

Am having a very frustrating error regarding iOS push notifications. Adobe Support were not able to assist on this one.

We are trying to send Push notifications to a new version of our iOS app.

However, when we try to send a message, we receive the error: Error 'Connection or unexpected error' when generating frame to send

Our app devs are unsure as to the cause of this, as are the Campaign team.

Does anyone on here have an idea what the fix is?

Please note - this latest version of app is pushing to Android just fine

Thanks all

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Have you checked that you're sending to the right instance of the app under services and subscriptions?
I've seen people see this message before when trying to use the iOS production application in their dev apps.

It could be other things but I've just seen it there before