Invalid XML name error when using content publication template in delivery




I have created content management publication templates by following the below documentation

Use case: creating content management

Have followed documentation as-is, but when i use the publication template in delivery for editing the content, i am getting below error.

JST-310000: Error while compiling script 'Content Schema POC(kv:contentSchemaPOC)' line 29: Invalid XML name.

This error is coming from the javascript template that i am using, from the lines where attributes of the content schema are referred.


Hello <%= perso('recipient.firstName') %> <%= perso('recipient.lastName') %>,


  <%= content.presentation %>



content.presentation gives the error.

Please let me know if anybody has encountered this error and how to solve it. I am following documentation as is from the link provided above.

Please let me knw if something is missing.

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