Insert data from 2 different schemas and send to recipients




I'm looking for the way to insert data from 2 data schemas into delivery and send it over to recipients. I'm able to gather all necessary information from these 2 tables, however I'm struggling with adding them into delivery.

Above there is a current set up. The issue I encountered is in Enrichment 9: My primary set is from query where I'm looking for email address (recipient schema). There is added a link (type 1N) to temporary schema (enrichment 😎 and I can't select any matching source and destination expression to use a simple join.

Is it the way to combine data from 2 different schemas not linked with the recipient? Or maybe some workaround that will help to somehow reorganise the workflow?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Accepted Solutions (1)





What you have is correct, though can be done with 1 enrichment, or 0 with schema-defined join.

For 1:n you have to go through the wizard to specify how many rows to pivot into cols- deliveries are only sent to a single row per recipient in the target table. If unlimited rows are desired you'll have to write some code, with a hit to sending perf (n recipients = n lookups).



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