index out of range : Personalize a Delivery




I need to personalize a delivery as follow :



The relation between tables is as follow :

TableA     1->N      TableB

TableB     N->1      TableC

TableB     N->1      TableD

since the relation between TableB and TableC /TableD is N to 1 , I've had to use index :

(1) TableA.TableB.TableC[0].fieldName

(2) TableA.TableB.TableD[0].fieldData

However, AdobeCampaign only allows me to use the index on one of them (1)  or (2) and not on both, for that the following error is displayed :

Index out of range for object on path 'TableD'

SCR-160012 JavaScript: error while evaluating script 'content htmlContent'.

Note :  it says on path of TableD , because as I said only allows me to use the index on one of the two tables, because it depends on the order.

Thank you

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Accepted Solutions (1)



I've resolved this issue.

don't know why the adobe Campaign Documentation is so poor and the main thing is not even mentioned or explained .

However I hope they would resolve this as soon as possible .

How did I resolved it :

On the delivery you click on Properties and then on Personalization . There you click on edit  and choose the table the orange icon (that means the many o one) after thar you continue your filtering based on what you need  to get.

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