Incorrect Browser Name and Operating system in Tracking logs




We are facing the following issue in the tracking logs,

the browser name and operating system are not populating correctly, we have opened the mail and links in Chrome and Windows 10, but below is the data we got its populating firefox- windows XP for Open and Any other email Click Chrome - Windows NT


Is there anything we have to update in userAgent schema?

Please help us on this. Thanks in Advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)





Most of the time we see that count in tracking logs are consolidated this may have happened because of numerous reasons, such as automatic workflow to update this schema is behind the tracking logs by 5 minutes or it was failed or was not successful because of a system restart, etc.

To fix this, select the concerned delivery in the Adobe Campaign Explorer, right-click and choose Action>Recompute delivery and tracking indicators. Select the highlighted option, Click Next, then click Finish.


Please may you tell if it is a recent delivery, within the purge delay scope?

Please check the xtk.options values:



(or use the menu Tools>Advanced>Deployment wizard and go to the purge delay page).

Then, it is within the right purge delay scope, and you see some differences, please check technical processes.

The tracking log entry captured in the redirection log file may be corrupt. Many times it can happen because of the end user's machine/device.

Short term solution is to get hold of this file from the tracking server and then delete this line, followed by a restart of tracking workflow.

There is no clear reason known as corruption of information happens on end user's machine which is not in control of Campaign.

End user is using a browser with add-ons or extenders that hinder with the data being passed to Campaign redirection server.

These are all hypothesis and hence we really don't know what causes it as a result we have made the system capable of handling more of these situations



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