Inconditional stop on workflow - Error message





A workflow is stuck (no error messages in the logs). 

We tried an unconditional stop but a pop up with an error message immediately appears:


WKF-560000 Impossible d'effectuer l'arrêt inconditionnel du workflow d'id 287119013 (et d'id de processus 20652) : il est lancé sur la machine 'IBCRMR18' et la demande d'arrêt est arrivée sur la machine ''. (iRc=-53)


It says: impossible to do an unconditional stop on the workflow: it is launched on the server 'IBCRMR18' and the stop request arrived on the machine ''. 


There is only one server. We tried to stop the services, and then the server itself but it did not resolve the issue.


Can anyone help?



Noémie Le Baut

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @noemielebaut

If you are sure there is only one server it could be that you had a DNS change (new certificate maybe) or even server name change. It is strange that server or services restart did not helped. You did not mention if there is a load balancer in the architecture.

You may try:

  • put directly this endpoint ( to console and try again. It could be that you currently point DNS entry on IBCRMR18 and something stuck
  • See on what node workflow stopped. If it is database related, ask DB team for help (to kill session on db)
  • Check status of Campaign jobs technical workflow
  • to directly change/update status for that workflow to Finished and try with restart of server.
  • Make a copy of the workflow and start using it. Change status of the old workflow to Finished in database and make deletion.