Include the email web browser version link into a SMS

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Hi @donna-gal - technically this is possible, but its a bit of work to do it.

You have to extract the URL pretty much straight after the email send as you have the data you need. Once you have the URL for each recipient, technically you can then either send a follow-up SMS straight away or you can store it somewhere and send it later.

Be aware the MirrorPageURL is quite long, so sending it in an SMS without first shortening it (using, etc) can be costly or just not a great experience for your customers.

I set up a temporary schema to hold the MirrorPageURLs but you don't have to do this. It depends on your use cases.

The main function you want to extract the URL is:,record.broadLogId.toString());


vars.deliveryId is the id of the delivery that you just sent (this should be a long). record.broadLogId.toString() is the broadLogId for each message you just sent to each recipient (this should be a string).

This is an example of what I did so I could export the MirrorPageURL into a text file after the delivery


Hope this helps



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Answers (1)



Hi @donna-gal,


You can include the MirrorPage link by clicking the boxes in the screenshot below:



I don't think it will generate a meaningful page though - may I ask what your intention is to insert the MirrorPage into an SMS?