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I have imported segments from AAM to ACM under profiles and targets - List. but few segments are not synced with Recipient schema and not seeing any data. below are the issues.

1. Dashboard tab - not seeing the targeting link

2. Schema tab - not seeing the schema and targeting dimension

3. Data tab - Not seeing any data.


I did import other segment couple of weeks ago and I don't see any issues and I can see everything I mentioned above. 

Pls let me know why I am experiencing the above issues in most of the segments. 

Appreciate your help.



Ramanan S

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Check in AAM that the correct destination is applied to the segments (based on Declared Id). Also make sure in Campaign you select the correct datasource (Declared Id) when creating the segment.

Also worth checking the workflow that syncs shared audiences is working correctly (importSharedAudience)

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