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Hi there,


I am trying to import data from my Salesforce CRM into Adobe Campaign but there is no documentation on a key step of the configuration.


My question is, how do I create a link/reconciliation/define identifiers across Campaign and Salesforce, so that I can import data for specific people?


For example, I tried to import data from salesforce into the same fields in my Campaign schema (I have fully configured the external account, and my enumerations + sfdc tables are created).

I receive the error:

SCR-160012 JacaScript:error while evaluating script 'sfdcWorkflow_call'. A remote key must be defined on a remote field and a local field. A local key must be defined on a local fields.


What does this error mean?

How do I configure a link between my Salesforce data and Campaign data?

OR - how can I just fully import a full dump of all my Salesforce data into campaign then be able to query and use my own keys in that to make it work?


Do I need to edit the XML schema and build a link and reverse link across recipients and sfdc?


Thanks so much in advance.


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Accepted Solutions (1)






You need to define this in your workflow design, CRM Connector activity.

When performing Import from Salesforce, you need to define which all fields are required to be imported and how they will be linked to your table in Adobe Campaign.



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Make sure you have the table's key in the connector activity.

To relate the sfdc tables to Campaign tables, create a local copy using template references to the wizard-generated library, then materialize and configure per normal.


As far as using the connector for non-trivial tasks, it's essentially impossible to do correctly by hand, and I've seen very shaky implementations as a result:

  • Schemas require all cols to be mapped, sfdc tables can have 100+ cols and there can be 10+ tables
  • Connector activities require all cols to be mapped, with delta options configured, etc
  • Update activities require all cols to be mapped
  • Clients never know exactly which tables they need, and there will be a couple rounds of adjustments
  • Tables can change over time


FWIW I wrote a simple script that does all the above, requiring end user to just run without any configuration or effort.