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Hi there,


I have a question of how to import javascript that I have in the Adobe Campaign Classic to my personalization block. I tried to use "<%@ include file='javascriptTest' %>" to import, but the default pickup path seems not correct. So I am asking what is the standard path of the javascript path on the server for Adobe Campaign? (The path on the server which holds AC in our company is like ......./neolane/nl6/var/.....).


Or If I can not import the javascript from the file including method above, which way can I use to import a js as a library to our personalization block? Thank you 🙂

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Accepted Solutions (1)






You can't import js into personalization blocks, not the normal way. You can:

  • Include another personalization block that has js
  • Include the js using the personalization tab of the delivery along with eval(@jsData) in your personalization block




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