images(xtk:image) not reflecting in web application




our use case is to have our own logo instead of OOTB logo in the unsubscription form.

We have imported a new image into Administration/images folder

then we gave this image as logo (namespace:name) in one of the form rendering template.

Issue is this image is not reflecting in the web application, please refer the below snap


do we need to publish this images after importing/changing?

thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello Murali,

It won't work if you publish the image. We had couple of issues like this before and the only way to change the image in the form template is to upload it on the server physically.

You need to copy the image you are using to the directory :




\datakit\xtk\fra\img on the app server


and then use it with the namespace : name in the form template and it would work.

You can upload it to the xtk or nms folder in the app server in