Ignore warning while importing package through script mode




we have a requirement to ignore warning for one of the package type to import it.

Can some one help what should be added or command for doing that.

package -instance:stage -import:/sftp/incoming/from_campaign/test/<%= instance.vars.packageName %> -verbose

when importing manually it fails if you do not select ignore warning because the package has some reference to internal value not present in next environment.

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Hi : I tried with ignoreWarning = "true" but it doesn't work. Do you know the correct format how it can be given in the below schema xml file which we import


<package author="test" buildDate="2019-07-09 08:36:27.500Z"
buildNumber="8850" buildVersion="6.7" img="xtk:installedPackage.png" label="Shared schema"
name="sharedSchemas" namespace="test" vendor="">