Identifying a 'no activity' segment of customers



I want to identify customers who received an email or push notification, did not click or open the delivery, and then re-target them. Is the best way to do this to create a fork to run an incremental query to identify who clicked, an incremental query to identify who the email was sent to and an incremental query to identify who did not click. Then find the exclusion and deliver the email to that group of customers?

Any suggestions on a different way to identify a group of customers who have not clicked, opened, or had any activity in a certain time parameter is welcome!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi juliak39390008

A Segmentation Activity might also help.

Filter/Segment out records who have opened/clicked the email/SMS and generate a complement.

Set the Segmentation condition for specific Delivery and let Resource Type be Profiles (profile).

Then target the Recipients coming out of 'complement' with the corresponding Delivery/SMS.

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