How to use Webapp link in SMS Delivery



Hello Everyone,


I am trying to send a web app link in an SMS Delivery.


Issues faced by me:

  1. The link is not getting shorten by all the Url shorteners 
  2. If I remove the preloading URL, then the above case is possible. After which I added the preloading URL.
  3. If I click the above link in the Test SMS delivery it redirects and gives me an error that the requested URL cannot be found

What I want:

I want to send a link with the preloading link in an SMS delivery so that whenever a customer clicks and the data related to the customer is updated.


I would really appreciate if anyone can help me with this 



Webapp SMS Delivery

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi @mayank_singh 


I am assuming that the URL shortening is handled by SMS vendor unless there is any custom implementation done as Adobe Campaign does not have inbuilt URL shortening function.


Talking about web app link. Every web app link with Preloading have below format:


<https_Web_App_Url>?id=<%= escapeUrl(cryptString( %>


Generally, all SMS vendors detect the link using https and short the complete URL.

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