how to use change dimension in a campaign workflow



Hi All,

Can one tell me how and where to apply change dimension in below scenario

Q1 - I am query from recipient table

Q2 - I am query based on fields from filtering dimension here my targeting dim is recipient and filtering dimension is custom table say AAA

I am using intersection to get recipient satisfying both conditions

Q3 - I am querying from BBB which is a custom table  and using union to combine results from intersection and leads.

After that I am using fork and i have different query for each channel. When i click on display target after final query my targeting dimension is not recipient its a worktable .So I am getting error in delivery saying query is incompatible with nms:recipient

After fork in query specific to each channel i have additional data from Q1,Q2,Q3

Please give me a suggestion where and how i should use change dimension here


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Accepted Solutions (1)





Deliveries in workflows must have a target mapping configured, in almost all cases to nms:recipient.

To use the target mapping, the transition feeding the delivery must be using the targeting dimension in the mapping (nms:recipient). If it's not, use change dimension activity to set it, via the change dimension field in the activity. If nms:recipient isn't showing up in the field, you can join it in with an enrichment ahead of the activity.