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 We have a requirement to send attachments along with the rtEvents .  We have implemented one service that will directly talk to the RT instances (cloud) . We are calling the  RT instance rtEvents method and sending the context information.


Client  ----> Microservice -----> Adobe RT instance and calling the rtEvent method

Is it possible to pass the attachment url as a parameter to the rtEvent method? if yes, how adobe reads the attachment and add it to the rtEvent?


Please explain me the process. Appreciate your help. 

Adobe Campaign rtEvent

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hello @bsudabathula 

To add an email attachment to a transactional message, follow the steps below:

You can send emails via a SOAP message trigger. In the SOAP call, there is a URL parameter (attachmentURL).

When designing your email, click Attachment .
In the Attachment definition screen, enter the SOAP attachment parameter:
<%= rtEvent.ctx.attachementUrl %>

When the message is processed, the system will get the file from the remote location (third-party server) and attach it to the individual message.
Since this parameter can be a variable, it should accept the fully formed remote URL variable of your file, sent via the SOAP call.

Also refer this which explains in more detail and would help answer your queries.

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