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Hi ,

Please check below mentioned schema for details regarding exclusions.

Recipient exclusion log (nms:excludeLogRcp)

Below are the list :

  <enumeration basetype="byte" name="failureReason">

    <value label="Not defined" name="Undefined" value="0"/>

    <value label="User unknown" name="UnknownUser" value="1"/>

    <value label="Invalid domain" name="InvalidDomain" value="2"/>

    <value label="Unreachable" name="Unreachable" value="3"/>

    <value label="Account disabled" name="Disabled" value="4"/>

    <value label="Mailbox full" name="MailboxFull" value="5"/>

    <value label="Not connected" name="NotConnected" value="6"/>

    <value label="Refused" name="Refused" value="20"/>

    <value desc="Error ignored since address is whitelisted" label="Error ignored"

           name="ErrorIgnored" value="25"/>

    <value desc="The recipient address is not specified" label="Address not specified"

           name="AddressUndefined" value="7"/>

    <value desc="The recipient was blacklisted when the delivery was performed" label="Blacklisted address"

           name="Blacklisted" value="8"/>

    <value desc="The recipient address was in quarantine when the delivery was performed"

           label="Address in quarantine" name="Quarantine" value="9"/>

    <value desc="The address of the recipient is already referenced for this delivery"

           label="Double" name="Duplicate" value="10"/>

    <value desc="Recipient has been excluded by a typology rule of type 'SQL'" label="Excluded by a SQL rule"

           name="TypologyRule" value="11"/>

    <value desc="Recipient has been excluded by an 'arbitration' typology rule" label="Excluded after arbitration"

           name="BusinessRanking" value="12"/>

    <value desc="A personalization script has canceled delivery of this message"

           label="Delivery canceled" name="Cancelled" value="13"/>

    <value desc="The postal address quality rating is too low" label="Bad-quality address"

           name="Quality" value="14"/>

    <value desc="The postal address has not been qualified" label="Unqualified address"

           name="Unchecked" value="15"/>

    <value desc="The recipient was excluded as not eligible for the offers in the delivery outline"

           label="Not eligible for the offers" name="OfferMissing" value="16"/>

    <value desc="The recipient was excluded because the maximum delivery size was reached"

           label="Target limited in size" name="OverDeliveryLimit" value="17"/>

    <value desc="The address is part of the control group" label="Control address"

           name="ControlGroup" value="127"/>


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