How to schedule a delivery?



We have a use case where we need to schedule a recurring delivery. In the schedule settings of a recurring delivery there is an option to specify the 'Contact Date Calculation'. How do i specify the schedule using the same. please help!!!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi robinb35471350​,

In the delivery, click Scheduling and select Schedule delivery (automatic execution when the scheduled date is reached). In this example, select the Use a calculation formula option.

Set the extraction date to 10 minutes (current date + 10 minutes).

Set the contact date to the next day (current date + 1 day).

For the pressure rule exclusions to be implemented successfully, make sure you set the extraction date and time before the contact date and time, as well as before the nightly arbitration is re-applied.

For more details, please find the below links:

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Pressure rules



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